Our Legacy

Living Well Designs began in 1993, offering Health Insurance Coverage through its Employee Benefits program. In 2004, We listened to our Business Customers when they made it clear that they needed Online presence to boost sales. Living Well revamped to fill this need and began to work with our Customers, offering full service Websites, Email services and Databases to help them attract new customers while continuing to give their workers the Health and Life Insurance plans so valuable to them and their families. As we moved into 2013, innovations in Sound Production Technology opened the opportunity for Living Well to launch its own Voice Services Department. Since then we have experienced exponential growth in this segment of the Customer Service industry. Thanks to our Customers, Living Well expects to continue our legacy of satisfaction to the customer as the years come and go. We are very appreciative to all who have contributed to our success!
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photo: Stock: customer service reps
As Living Well Designs, LLC continues its forward movement into service to the business community, our Voice Services division takes center stage. We proudly acknowledge that our success has come through Faith in God, attention to the needs of our customers, and lots of hard work! 

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