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​Living Well Designs, LLC's main Voice Talent, Lawrence K. Hughes
 is available to supply your business with the 
Punctuation to Professionalism that will propel your company forward.

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Offered by Living Well Designs, LLC:

   - Voice-Over services for Business Presentations
   - Training/Orientation
   - Audio Books & Narration service
   - Internet, Radio and Television Advertising
   - Telephone Interactive Voice Menu service

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Voice - Male, corporate
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A sample from the Audio Book,
Narrated and Produced by Lawrence Hughes
Voice w/Video - Male - Corporate
Voice - Mature Male, rough, 
Book cover, "Exempt"
About the Audio Book, On Sale Now on Audible, ITunes, and Amazon
"Something otherworldly and unnoticed is happening in the small town of C'ville that would, if known, excite the loins of every government on planet earth. It is both dreamy and deadly, a combination discerned only by a lovelorn drifter who needs the distraction to keep from dying of a broken heart."  - David Hunter
"Exempt" - The Touch of Cold Fire
Written by David Hunter